Land in Second Life™

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Thanks for showing interest in my virtual company Good Life Creations. Specialized in selling and renting land. Look below if you wish to rent a parcel or see the rental conditions.

Please contact me directly, inworld or through the form, if you are interested in renting a parcel or if you have any questions regarding the purchase. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Below are listed our current available parcels up for sale and/or rent, sorted by size in square meters. Click on any picture to open its Slurl in Second Life™. Make sure you have the Viewer installed.

Luxury Parcels

Roadside Parcels

Standard Parcels

Rental Conditions

-When you decide to rent I will set up your land manually, so no bots will be involved.
-The land will be put on a group meant for your rental purposes only.
-Within this group you have all rights to both manage the land and the group.
-Payments go through a central kiosk at my inworld office, this means no rent box floating on your land.
-You are free to return the decorations or use them.
-You are totally free to do what you want as long as you act within the TOS.
-I won’t interfere unless you ask for any help or assistance.
-You will be notified when the rent expires. Let us know if you wish to quit, otherwise the parcel will be reclaimed.